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Popular Native Advertising Spy Tools

Native advertising is the latest and ultimate game changer in the advertising industry. If you want to stay ahead of your competition then you must a native advertising spy tool. There are many native advertising spy tools available in the market right now. Some are really good and are providing great features.

Native advertising spy tools helps marketers to stay ahead of the competition, spy on others ads, exploring new profitable niches and much more. It really saves loads of time and all the tedious manual work involved in manual spying. With the help of spy tools, it’s very easy to spy and find profitable campaigns within minutes. All top affiliates use spy tools to stay ahead of their competition and to keep themselves updated with powerful data provided by the data intelligence tools.

List of Native Advertising Spy Tools:

Adplexity Native Advertising Spy Tool: This is one of the best native advertising intelligence tool. It is a perfect tool to spy on native ads across 30 countries and on 6 traffic source. Apart from that Adplexity has many other features. Adplexity can track affiliate links across 100 affiliate networks and show it in the ad details, so affiliates would know, which affiliate network and offer is used for that particular offer. Affiliates also get an additional option to download other advertisers landing pages and Adplexity is the only native ad spy tool which has this feature. Other native ad spy tools don’t provide this feature. Being the leader in data intelligence, adplexity is the most favorite tool which every marketer wants. If you want to avail 25% lifetime discount, then please head over to the link :

Advault Native Advertising Spy Tool:  Advault doesn’t lag behind. It too has a good part to play in providing good native advertising data intelligence. It has all the basic features other spy tools are providing but don’t have the landing page download feature. Even though it lacks the most desirable feature but has one enticing feature which draws lots of attention. That’s the sole reason, Advault is best in its own way. Advault provides $3350 worth of FREE ad credits. It is unique and isn’t offered by any other spy tool. Advault covers ad data across 19 countries and for 13 native advertising networks. It also provide the users with an additional option to filter ads between ads for branding and used for affiliate product promotion. You can read complete advault review here:

NativeAdBuzz Native Advertising Spy Tool:  It is the cheapest spy tool available on the market. Everybody doesn’t have the budget to run paid advertisement and maintain costly spy tool monthly subscriptions. So for marketers with low budget, this spy tool is a perfect. Unique feature provided by this tool is that, it has a private mastermind group to help marketers learn from each other. It spy advertisement on 12 countries and on 13 different native advertising network. Like advault, it also doesn’t have landing page download feature.

www. has a nice native ads spy tool comparison, which you can see here: